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Ups and Downs of Feedback

Ups and Downs of Feedback

By on Sep 15, 2016 in Journal | 0 comments

If you are joining me for the first time, welcome.  I’m Dan.

Probably the biggest low I have had, was showing someone who was interested in what I was doing the site, only to see them turn away from the computer screen when they saw the current post, which was Pokemon Go.  They just said “you lost me at Pokemon” and didn’t look again.  It showed me one very important thing, that I need to make people interested at the first glance.  In contrast I have had a few people give feed back about my Burgess Park Hill Cheese Grater post saying they were drawn in by the title and they enjoyed the read.  Those comments just reinforced the work I have to put into my content.  I have to title a post well, hopefully have interesting photos and then keep them interested with good content.It has become very obvious to me that this venture I am undergoing has huge Ups and Downs.  Every hit on the site makes me smile, and I check to see what the progress is all through the day.  I probably shouldn’t but with the time and effort I’m putting into this I’m excited to see what results I get.

Pokemon Go was always going to be a controversial topic.  It has polarized so many people and most of them have no idea what it’s about.  That is why I wrote up the post in the first place.  The fact that some people are not interested doesn’t surprise me, but I know there are people out there that may be curious, and some have read it and passed back comments which was great.

My aim with all reviews is to tell you, my audience, a factual account of the topic and only put my own opinions on it near the end.  I think it’s good to let you know what I think, but I want everyone to make up their own mind.  I can’t stand reading reviews and getting caught in the middle of a battle.  For example, Apple vs Samsung.  People are so passionate about one side or the other, that their review becomes biased and often they make statements from a first impression, that was made from an advert, rather than actually trying the product for themselves.  I would rather tell you the facts in an unbiased way and then let you know my personal findings.  It’s up to you then to make your own decision, and hopefully share your findings with me on the posts!  This is meant to be an interactive experience, so please don’t refrain from joining in.

As usual please feel free to subscribe to get updates so you wont miss anything.  I fully encourage comments on posts whether it be about the post or an example of your own.  If you would rather communicate with me personally rather than publicly then please use the Contact Me page.  I read every comment and message sent to me and I will reply to all of you.  Thank you for your support.


P.S. Apple is by far better than Samsung….

Have you got other travel experiences you want to share?  Have you got suggestions for me? Or something you would like me to explore for you?  Maybe you want to know more about my journey?

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