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The Power Of Friends

The Power Of Friends

By on Sep 5, 2016 in Journal | 0 comments

Friendship is something I have valued highly for most of my life. There are times in my life when they have been there for me when I have needed someone more than anything. I’ve mentioned before that I struggle with the dark demon. Depression. Well the way out has always been through my friends.

Now I find myself starting this blog, the first step towards my dream. It’s nerve wracking putting myself out there for all to see. Sure there are posts reviewing places and photo’s I have taken, but I have also decided to add a personal side too. Something to document my story and journey. Maybe one of you will want to do as I am and if I can make it easier for you by letting you witness my mistakes then that’s all good by me!

But through all the insecurity of doing this I am truly humbled and amazed at the response I have got from my friends. Today I invited everyone on my Facebook friends list to like my Facebook page: Dan’s Odyssey. Within half an hour I had 50 likes and nearly everyone went the step further to look at the actual website blog. I’m stunned. I gained a few more subscribers which is huge encouragement, I look forward to more. Each one encourages me to do more.

So to all those that have taken time out of their day to at least like a Facebook page and then actually look at my blog, thank you, thank you VERY much. This site is really in its infancy but it is growing as I learn more and I hope that I can keep your interest as I go. Stay tuned for more reviews, travel stories and photos.

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