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Technology For Travel

Technology For Travel

By on Jan 2, 2017 in Travel Tips | 0 comments

I’ve spent a lot of time recently thinking about what to take with me when it comes to electrical devices. To try to decide I looked at what I want out of travel and what I wanted to share on this blog and how I think it will best be shown to you, my audience. I want this blog to be interesting and vibrant. Photo’s and videos will be important.  They need to be small and light.  Not too expensive.  Well that makes it easier.  Doesn’t it?

This is what I have come up with:

1.  Phone:

I figure this is probably the most important.  I wont really have a home.  Nowhere to guarantee an address or a land phone number.  So an unlocked mobile phone seems essential.  I plan on picking up pre-paid sim cards wherever I go to save on call, text and data costs.  Roaming may be fine for a holiday but extended travel seems too expensive.  As for what type of phone?  I am very happy with my Apple iPhone(don’t start the Android/Apple debate) it has never let me down so I am thinking I will stick to them.  On the other hand do I need all that computing power for just a phone?  Would a basic handset be better as it wont be a temptation for thieves?  Not sure, what do you think?

2. Laptop

I’ve thought about this one a lot,  I’ve decided I really do need one.  Writing this blog on a phone, tablet or just at an internet cafe just seems like an awkward procedure.  So what do I want to use a laptop for?  Blogging, photo editing, video editing and research.  These will be my main reason for having a laptop, I really don’t want to be online any more than I have to be.  More time online is less time meeting people and having adventures.  I need the laptop to be light, sturdy and reliable.  I considered a chrome book and then realised it would limit me should I want to use software like Photoshop etc.  I have decided to look at Apple MacBooks.  I have never owned a Macbook but the design seems superior, the security of Apple over Microsoft seems far better and they are light and strong.  Any thoughts?

3. Camera

I really want to get better at photography and although the camera wont do this by itself it will broaden the type of photography I can do. Changing a lens to best capture the perfect moment seems so exciting compared to point and shoot with my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong I am starting to take some really cool photos with the iPhone and I am learning a lot from that alone but an upgrade would be best for the type of work I would like to do. I’m looking at mirror-less cameras, probably FujiFilm. They are lighter and smaller than a DSLR which makes it great for travel. I haven’t decided yet though so if you have any suggestions or comments let me know.

4. Drone

Why a drone?  Isn’t that just a little too flashy?  Yes I suppose it is, but I don’t want a drone because they look like a cool toy.  Drone technology has come a long way and for capturing photos and video from angle you just can’t reach there is no better way.  I’m looking for a drone that self tracks the user.  This means it can follow you around while you are active.  It also needs to be able to hover in certain positions.  Remember I am planning a solo travel, I will have no film crew with me, so with a drone I could set it up to watch the action while I am in the action.  There are many drones on the market, I am looking at the DJI Mavic, although I am considering a drone that doesn’t have a built-in camera but instead carries a GoPro.  Have you got any experience with drone photography?  Let me know.

2. GoPro

Finally there is  the GoPro.  For much the same reason as the drone I want to be able to capture photos and video of the activities I do.  While a drone can capture that 3rd person experience a GoPro is amazing at getting the first person experience.  As I mentioned in the Drone section some even carry GoPro cameras.

All these ideas are not final, I still have a lot of research to do.  Even if I do decide on the above technology I then have to decide when is best to buy it all.  Do I get it now or wait til I travel and pick them up in a country where things are hugely cheaper?  If you have experience with buying electrical goods abroad and have any recommendations then please share with me.  You can guarantee that if I am asking these questions then someone else is.  Lets help each other out.

In the meantime keep your eyes posted for more blog entries, Don’t worry I haven’t disappeared.  I have been scouting new places and taking some much-needed down time.  I will be back with more awesome places around New Zealand soon.

Have you got other travel experiences you want to share?  Have you got suggestions for me? Or something you would like me to explore for you?  Maybe you want to know more about my journey?

Use the button below and send me a message and I will get back to you.

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