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Some Progress…

Some Progress…

By on Sep 21, 2016 in Journal | 0 comments

It occurs to me that when I look back at my travels and the things I have done, that it hasn’t always been the destination that stood out, but the journey to get there.  That is not to say I haven’t enjoyed the destinations like Dublin, Manchester, New Zealand etc,  or that I don’t have stories to tell about them, but it has been the journey to those places that I remember odd things happening.

I am sure I will have stories to tell about those places and trips but I have always wanted to write about the journeys themselves.  So as I sit here and contemplate what posts I can make up over the next few weeks I have decided that I will try to do a series of travel stories that cover the journeys I have made.

On another note, I have a friend of mine working on some graphics that are personalised to me so that I can get rid of the generic Theme Title Header.  I can’t stand it, but for now it works.  Keep an eye out for a new look, change is in the wind.

I set myself a goal to do something on the Blog every day.  So far I do, even if it’s a little behind the scenes research.  My next mission is to get my head around ‘Tags’ so that I can get this site easier to find in search engines.  At the moment it’s not that easy and although I love that you come to visit me and see what I have been up to, I would like to grow this site and that means more followers.

Lastly I realised it might pay to add a ‘Home’ Button.  Someway that is obvious to get back to the blog page once you have left it.  There is a way currently by clicking on the ‘Dan’s Odyssey’ Title, but this is not very obvious, so I think a Home button would be beneficial.

Remember, I want this site to be interactive, feel free to make comments and give suggestions.  Is there something you would like to see in my blog?  Is there a story you would like to hear?  Do you have a query about somewhere I live near or have been?  I would be happy to answer all your questions and even post about some of them.

Stay tuned for upcoming changes.  I hope to see you soon.



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