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Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

By on Sep 11, 2016 in Activities | 0 comments

Lastly we have Pokémon Go. This is another location-based game that operates in a similar way to Ingress.  It is designed by Niantic, the same people who created Ingress.  It even uses the same landmarks that Ingress uses for Portals as ‘Poke stops’ and ‘Gyms’ in Pokémon Go. The game is based on the 90’s cartoon Pokémon. To be honest I was too old to be interested in the 90’s. I had girlfriends instead…

The idea is that as you use the App while walking around different ‘Pokémon’ will appear near you.  You then tap on them and try to capture them by throwing a ‘Pokeball’ at them on your screen. The screen is set up so that it looks like the Pokémon is standing in front of you in the real world but you can only see them using the App.

You collect all the Pokémon you can capture and you level them up as and when you can.  You can even evolve them to become  a different Pokémon altogether for example a Evee can turn into a Flareon once you have accumulated enough points to do so.

Like Ingress you can join teams but only after you reach Level 5. When you capture a Gym by attacking the Pokémon that has been left there by other teams you then get top leave your own Pokémon behind to defend it.  Other team mates will then come along and reinforce your gym so it lasts longer.

This is as far as I can see the game going.  At this stage there does not appear to be any interaction between other players other than comparing what you have.  You cannot battle each other in the streets and you cannot work together in any other way to accomplish things like you can with Ingress.

Pokémon Go became instantly popular on a global level and mainly because of the name and characters that people that were kids in the 90’s remember well.  Personally I find the game a little boring.  The good points are that it does seem to be getting people out of the house and being social when they meet other game players on the streets. If it’s your kind of thing then great but I much prefer Ingress if I am going to play anything like this. Time will tell if Pokémon Go will last.  For more info on Pokémon Go click here.

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