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Photography in travel

I have always been a ‘live in the moment’ kind of guy.  I don’t have a lot of photographs of the things I do because I was always too busy doing the activity to take them.  That all changed when I started this blog.  I have a new love for photography.  There is still a lot to learn on a daily basis so I now take my camera everywhere.  I still make sure my focus is on what I am doing as I don’t want to lose the adventure while holding a mobile phone, but I love to document my travels and adventures.  Finding those beautiful places near and far and trying to take stunning photographs is all part of the fun now.  But photos are best shared and that’s why I have them displayed here.

I have displayed my photos from two different apps.

Instagram Photos


where you will see my day to day adventures and travels and all that I find interesting along the way.

Flickr Photos


which is used by many professional photographers to store and display their photography.  This is where I have displayed my more professional work.

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