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New Plymouth’s Coastal Walkway

New Plymouth’s Coastal Walkway

  • Author: Dan's Odyssey
  • Date Posted: Aug 30, 2016
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  • Address: New Plymouth Coastline

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12.7km Long                                                                                  Bike Hire

Mobility Scooter Hire                                                                Café

GeocacheIngress, Pokémon Go nearby

What a beautiful day it is!  Blue Skies, the sun’s warmth can be felt and to not get out would be a huge waste. Perfect day for a bike ride!

The New Plymouth Coastal Walkway is now 12.7km long, stretching from Port Taranaki to the northern side of Bell Block.  On a day like today it is a stunning ride.  I didn’t ride the whole length, instead choosing to start at Te Rewa Rewa Bridge in Fitzroy I headed south towards town and the Wind Wand.

As always I got a stupid grin almost as soon as I started to ride. Riding a bike some reason makes me feel free. Although the ride was making me feel good especially with this weather but as I rode I was amazed at the hive of activity the walkway had become. There were people everywhere: Scattered along the rocks fishing, whitebaiting in the rivers, skating and skateboarding, cycling, running, walking and even a few mobility scooters.  Everyone just getting out there, making the most of the weather.

This shared space is relatively new and it is being expanded all the time. Never before has it been possible in New Plymouth to feel this connected to the ocean without being in it.  The waves at low tide rolling in, while the sun turned the water to millions of sparkling diamonds. The New Plymouth District Council really built something special for everyone to enjoy. Along the way there are children’s playgrounds, drinking fountains, rivers, beaches surf clubs, skating rink and more depending on the season.

The walkway itself is nearly all smooth concrete only changing to a bitumen sealed path before the Bell Block area.  This means you can leisurely travel at your own pace in whatever clothing you wish without being strained at all. Common courtesy is key and everyone seems happy to follow the few rules. Give way to each other, be considerate, keep dogs on a leash (and clean up their poop) and understand that road rules apply so make sure you wear a helmet when riding.

There are plenty of places to rest from grassy areas to bench seats dotted the length of the path. Parking is available at most entrances and apart from the town entrance parking is free.

For me this is a must do, especially on a sunny day. As usual don’t forget sunscreen, you would be surprised at how quick you can burn.  A hat wouldn’t go amiss either.

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