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East End Skating Rink

East End Skating Rink

  • Author: Dan's Odyssey
  • Date Posted: Aug 27, 2016
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  • Address: East End Reserve, Nobs Line, Strandon, New Plymouth 4312

Points Of Interest:

Roller Hockey (Inline & Quad)                                    Roller Derby

GeocacheIngress and Pokemon Go nearby       Artistic Skating/Lessons

I remember as a teenager I used to go to East End Skating Rink on Friday nights with my mates.  Back then it was a small place but always busy.  The skates were provided, they were old but well serviced.  It was a lot of fun even if most of it was just going round and round in circles.

20 years later and skate night in New Plymouth is still Friday nights.  The Roller Derby girls run it.  The skates are still supplied as part of your $7 entry and now they offer inline skates too.  However, if you are old school and want to do some 70’s disco moves you will want the ‘quad skates’ and sadly you may be disappointed.  Remember I said they were old when I was a teenager?  Well they haven’t got any younger since then, the only difference is that they don’t appear to be serviced anymore.  The boots are worn and the mountings holding the skate to the boot are likely to poke through the sole and into your foot, expect blisters.  The wheels are worn and wobbly, some of them turning for you and usually in different directions.  It’s almost an extreme sport!  The inline skates are where they have obviously invested for the younger crowd.  You can of course bring your own.

The rink I used to use as a teen is still there in poor condition, it’s now used for beginner skaters so they are clear of the more experienced.  Now there is a second rink which is larger and well made.  This is for those that can skate, on busy nights this rink will fill up and is quite a social family friendly event.

The night I went recently there were only around 30 people which I was quite grateful for as I got to practice turns and stops, I even managed to turn from forward and skate backwards without falling over after a metre!

Overall $7 was not a lot of money and the night was enjoyable. The kids and my friends all left tired from an unusual workout and laughing at each other’s mishaps.

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