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The carry on from my last post Geocaching is the second ‘Point of Interest’ I list for ‘Locations and Activity’ reviews, Ingress.

Much like Geocaching, Ingress is a location-based App.  although this is a game, not a treasure hunt. When players sign up they choose a team from two options: The Enlightened (Green) or The Resistance (Blue).

There is a whole backstory that explains the grand picture and those that follow it are very passionate, but many just like to play on a more local level.  The idea of the game is to capture ‘Portals’ then link them together, aiming to make a triangle which is called a ‘Field’.

A ‘Portal’ is a physical location you go to.  It could be a public piece of art, a historical building or even a clothing bin, but the ‘Scanner’ App on your phone shows it to be a ‘Portal’ like these:

The grey portals are unclaimed and can be taken without attacking first.  The Blue and the Green portals have been claimed and must be attacked using weapons you accumulate during the game which will turn it Grey and make it available to claim. Portals can be claimed by deploying ‘Resonators’ which you accumulate through the game.  As you level up you will be able to access stronger ‘Resonators’ which in turn make stronger ‘Portals’ and stronger weapons.  You do this by ‘Hacking’ ‘Portals’ as you come near them.

A ‘Field’ is when 3 ‘Portals’ of the same colour are connected together by ‘Links’. They can cover a small or large area, anything from a few meters apart to whole continents as can be seen in these two examples:

The bigger the ‘Field’ the better your stats and scores will be.  The main aim is to cover as much territory with your teams colour as you can.  These go towards your personal results as well as regional and global scores. Ultimately these scores also determine the direction of the back story too which is quite involved. More detail of the back story can be found here.

Games can be lively with banter back and forth using the ‘Comms’ on the App. By getting out and taking portals you will meet other players from both teams and then the fun really begins by actually working as a team to create bigger and more strategic ‘Links’ and ‘Fields’.  It is another good way to get out and get some exercise and see places you may not have been before.  It also makes you more aware of things you may pass every day without noticing.

Have a go, see what you think.  You will meet loads of friendly people and find something different to occupy your free time.  Find the Apps here. Be careful though, Ingress is addictive!

P.S.  I’m Enlightened!

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