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Enough of the Nerdy…

Enough of the Nerdy…

By on Sep 9, 2016 in Journal | 0 comments

My recent posts have been on 3 Apps that I mention are near my review sites. You may ask why I put them on a Travel Blog at all? Well, I see Travel as a dynamic experience. It is something that I can’t fully define for me as there is not only one aspect of travel that interests me.

I’m interested in adventure, budget, luxury, the outdoors and the arts and culture. This makes it a little difficult to target my audience but it also allows for a lot of variety. I can’t think of anything more restricting than aiming for just one of those topics. I like the idea of being flexible and able to make spontaneous decisions from time to time without feeling like I am going off track.

All I know is my dreams are endless and changing or evolving all the time. Even my local area is changing before my eyes as I learn to look at my surroundings from different perspectives. I am constantly asking myself what someone else would want to know, what they would want to see and experience and then I try to look at those things with fresh eyes so I can try to give an unbiased opinion. It’s not always easy but it is fun.

The Geocaching, Ingress, and soon to be published Pokémon Go, posts were written because Although they are not reliant on travel they are a good way of exploring your location, whether it be at home or somewhere you have never been before. These activities are based around places of interest. You can participate and as long as you keep your senses alert to things other than the App you can come across places and activities you may not have found otherwise. For example, a funky little bar or cafe may have a cool sculpture, but it’s off the main roads and by participating in these Apps you found it.

My point is that these things may or may not seem nerdy, but I see them as an added way to enhance your travels. They may not be for everyone but that’s OK. Not everyone is the same. I just like to cover my bases.

As usual, I would love to hear from you.  Please leave your thoughts, contact me and let me know your dreams. I read all mail and will reply when I can.

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