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An Update Along The Way

An Update Along The Way

By on Mar 7, 2017 in Journal | 1 comment

Hi De Hi Campers.  It’s been a while since my last real post: The Hauraki Rail Trail (if you haven’t checked it out, have a look).  I’ve been making plans for future adventures and learning some new skills to support the traveling and the blog.  My next adventure was to be this weekend coming as it is Taranaki Anniversary weekend and therefore a long weekend.  The plan was to Canoe for 3 days on the Whanganui River.  Sadly I have an old back injury that started to show some problems and 3 days in a canoe just seemed like it was tempting disaster/failure at the moment.  So I pulled out of the trip.  I will do it but first I will get a bit fitter and strengthen my back with the help of a chiropractor and sports physiotherapist.  I look forward to that as the journey is supposed to be stunning and the photo’s I can bring back will be priceless.

This brings me to one reason I have been a bit quiet.  I went out and bought my first real camera.  Up until now I have been using my iPhone for any photos, or on the odd occasion my brothers bridge camera when I have been able to get access to it.  While I have been able to get some interesting pictures and document my travels with the iPhone I felt I was missing real photography power.  When it comes to photography I am a novice.  But I have recently completed a free online Intro Photography Course to widen my horizons and now with my new FujiFilm X-T10 Mirror-less Interchangeable Lens Camera I am learning more and more.  Things like Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO baffled me (and I’m still no expert) so no I am playing with them to get the hang of how they work, what I can achieve by using them in different ways and how to finally have an artistic/creative interest.  The camera is amazing and once  get the hang of using it properly you can look forward to a review on it.  In the meantime I am attending photography clubs and finding photography walkabouts to hone my skills and open my eyes to the new world before me.

Finally over the last weekend I spent a lot of time in hospital.  I woke at 4am on Saturday morning with pain in my lower right abdomen and back.  It was a trip in an ambulance for me on the way being given 10mg of morphine.  The pain was still intense.  Over the next hour and half they ended up giving me 30mg in total and the pain finally eased off.  A CT scan and Ultrasound showed up a 4mm kidney stone so it wasn’t over yet.  I was sent home with pain medication only to be admitted back into hospital hours later as I couldn’t hold the medication down.  Morphine wasn’t working, neither was tramadol, finally they tried fentanyl and that did the trick nicely.  I spent the rest of the night moving through a slow motion meal and then sleeping.  Anyway I’m out now and on the mend.  The pain seems to have stopped and I’m looking towards going back to normal in a day or so.

As you can see this has taken up a lot of my time and my writing has fallen behind somewhat.  But I wanted to let you all know I hadn’t forgotten about you.  I did say right back in September when I started this blog that it was a work in progress, that I had many things to learn and a lot of them behind the scenes.  I also started out wanting you all to know that I am a real person.  I have seen bloggers that seem to have forgotten the passion of their blog and use it solely as a money-making machine.  While I do intend to monetize this blog slightly someday (and only suggest products that I use and recommend from personal satisfaction) my main aim is to be informative to those people out there that want advice, want to know what is out in the world to explore, want to read about new adventures and that want to be shown that an average person can do these things. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances you can work towards your goals.  Mine is to travel, to take great photos and to share my story with you.  The highs, the lows and the real journey of travel and blogging.

I would like to thank you all for following me, please recommend me to your friends.  I would also love to hear about your adventures and ideas you have.  This blog has always been open for comments and interaction.  Please use the contact page to send me a mail. while you’re at it register yourself to my mailing list and never miss a post again.

Have you got other travel experiences you want to share?  Have you got suggestions for me? Or something you would like me to explore for you?  Maybe you want to know more about my journey?

Use the button below and send me a message and I will get back to you.

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