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Hi! I’m Dan

I have always wanted to travel, to have my own ‘Odyssey’.  Join me in my journey from planning my future as a traveller all the way to seeing my plans come to fruition.

Dan’s Odyssey posts are split up into two parts: Places and the Blog.

  • Places

    are posts that feature places and activities to check out, all placed on a map so you can pinpoint their location anywhere in the world.

  • The Blog

    will keep you up to date with my journey, tips and other useful and entertaining information.

I am ‘New Zealand’s Specialist’ and soon to be a ‘World Explorer’.

I searched long and hard for a name that sums up what I want from travel, and this is why I came up with Dan’s Odyssey:


  1. Me (Of course)


  1. A series of adventures
  2. A long wandering and eventful journey

Stick around and wish me luck!

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My Favorite Posts and Listings

Zipline Team

Rotorua: Ziplining with Canopy Tours

We had just finished at Agroventures and had got to the Canopy Tours site with minutes to spare before the briefing…

Creek Bridge

Hauraki Rail Trail

Right time to ride!  Well obviously I’ve already done the ride as I can’t and wont write about things I haven’t done but it’s time to tell you about it…

New Zealands Border Control

Recently I was talking to an international friend and in conversation she said she would never come to New Zealand.  I was taken aback…

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